dealmaster is the successful result of the efforts of a dealership sales and management team empowered to use all of the tools available today to create and develop a way to improve the existing showroom sales process in an effort increase the sales performance of the dealership.

dealmaster was not designed to change the steps to the sale or the nature of the sales process, but to incorporate much of the multiple-source and time-sensitive information vital to car sales, while creating a single source of information to provide management with a method in which to contain and control the sales process. This was accomplished by creating a software program unique to the retail automotive showroom sales process that shares sales information via networked computers. The results then and still today are proving to increase the overall capacity and efficiency of the sales and management team.
dealmaster has consistently provided dealers with a way to increase sales volume with quantifiable results.

The dealmaster program is geared to address the specific issues and time restraints of the real showroom floor and requires a minimal level of computer literacy and training. The program is specifically designed to look and act like the forms and procedures that we, as salespeople and managers, are familiar with as opposed to the many programs containing layouts created by computer programmers.

The original concept was that if we, as a dealership, could improve the accountability of the salesperson while improving the tools available to the sales manager, we could increase car sales without proportionally increasing staff. This concept worked in 1995 and is still working today. You will find your staff able to sell more cars in a more efficient manner than you had thought possible.
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